Important Relationship Principles

Hell is other people. /J. P. Sartre/

Some time ago I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about principles upon which I’d like to build high-quality relations with another people. For a long time, they were just some implicit stimuli inside my brain. I’ve always walked around but never proclaimed them loud and clear even to myself.

But one night when I drifted in the ocean of thoughts instead of sleeping as all adequate people do, I catch myself on that feeling that I have something to write down. I did it. In few (?) days I improved that text, translated it and committed to github. There were three important principles about building mature inter-person relationships (not only romantic one) as I see it. About a month ago I’ve added the fourth principle.

You can find the latest version of “Interpersonal Relationship Principles” on github.

But I’m gonna make a quick mention about each principle here.

Personal Freedom. This is really important and valuable for me. I consider any dependency from another person as utterly undesirable.

Honesty. No manipulation and no information concealment.

Cooperation. I think that with cooperation relationship can be more productive in achieving shared goals. Besides that, struggling against uncooperative behavior is really pooping.

Discussions. Very ancient and maybe one of the most efficient instrument for sharing expectations and resolving conflicts of interests. Still, works in the 21st century.

I believe that more principles are involved - better for relationships. Obviously, I can be wrong or incomplete on this list. If you had something to say - contact me via the anonymous form.

P.S. BTW, grammar-nazis are welcome here.