Important Relationship Principles

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Hell is other people. /J. P. Sartre/

Some time ago I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about principles upon which I’d like to build high-quality relations with another people. For a long time, they were just some implicit stimuli inside my brain. I’ve always walked around but never proclaimed them loud and clear even to myself.

But one night when I drifted in the ocean of thoughts instead of sleeping as all adequate people do, I catch myself on that feeling that I have something to write down. I did it. In few (?) days I improved that text, translated it and committed to github. There were three important principles about building mature inter-person relationships (not only romantic one) as I see it. About a month ago I’ve added the fourth principle.

You can find the latest version of “Interpersonal Relationship Principles” on github.

But I’m gonna make a quick mention about each principle here.