Goals of Cognition

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There is no such thing as “right,” the very concept needs to be replaced with “progressively less wrong”. /Paul Grobstein/

Today’s short note is about “finding things out”.

For me, it seems that my personal cognition process can be described with two steps.

  1. Finding a better model for some process or phenomenon.
  2. Accepting it.

Defining this steps separately can be useful for distinguishing impartial research from personal preferences. I understand that it can’t be done entirely. Nevertheless such technic can be helpful sometimes.

Frankly, I’m even not sure if I do care (in most cases) that my discussant will update his own vision. But, obviously, it’ll be reflected on the model of him/her in my head.


Why I don't 'understand' subtle hints

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Any fool can know. The point is to understand. /Albert Einstein/

It’s almost stereotypical that male human beings prefer clear and straightforward statements and all that subtle hints are completely confusing for them. But it’s not true. At least, not for all. At least, not always. Okay, at least, sometimes it’s not true for some of us.

And here I’m gonna tell some weird vision about what’s wrong with some subtle hints.